When Alissa is given a new challenge or task, expect her to put her mind and soul into it. Expect to be blown away by her ambition, passion, and knack of making the impossible happen. Also, expect to ask yourself, “Is this person even human?” I know I’ve asked myself that plenty of times, and honestly, I anticipate asking myself that many more times the longer I know and work with her. She is the type of person you want to keep around, not just because she does amazing work, but because she’ll inspire you to do the same in whatever journey you’re in. Knowing and especially working with Alissa will bring you the kind of inspiration you can’t find on your Instagram feed.

Natalie Rivera, Editorial Producer at ATTN 

I am an artist and I manufacture products with my artwork. Over the past few years, I was finding myself so busy trying to keep up with the day to day tasks of a new business that I had no time left over to do my favorite part, creating art! Marketing and branding had taken a backseat to everything else I had to do and the growth of my small business had started to stall. I met Alissa in October of 2018 right around the time I was overwhelmed and hitting burn out. Since working with Alissa, my business has direction and a clear cut marketing strategy. She keeps the engine moving. Alissa has been wonderful in asking the right questions, understanding my vision, making suggestions, talking me through different options to make future decisions, keeping me on schedule and helping me execute my business plans. She designs all my newsletters beautifully and the content she writes sounds like it’s in my voice. She creates most of my social media posts as well as all my digital announcements.

Arpi Krikorian, Artist and Business Owner at ArpiKrikorian.com

I had the pleasure of working with Alissa when I was working as a photographer for a country club that had been newly taken over and was actively growing. Right away, she put me at ease with both her great personality and with my upcoming assignments. She also had an effective way of providing a clear vision of what she needed me to capture in my photographs and made it fun at the same time…even in a time crunch! Additionally, she provided me with all the technical support I needed to be able to share large quantities of my work with her for marketing. I felt like I was in good hands and that all was going to be fine! I have observed Alissa knocking herself out to achieve deadlines. She would consistently follow up with events or other projects to ensure that her marketing techniques were effective. I noticed that she was a good listener to her clients and would skillfully make changes and adapt her techniques to place the client’s business in its best possible light. I have often watc

Mona Masonis-Boyer, Professional Photographer 

Alissa is an incredibly passionate professional who always takes the time to support her colleagues. She's someone I turn to on for advice on countless subjects, such as writing, editing, social media, and PR. Additionally, Alissa has a strong drive to see positive results in every project she creates. She sees and can address everything from the big picture to the smallest details. Her skill with marketing, graphic design, and micromanagement is paired well with great communication skills. She is an asset to any company that she’s with, and I've thoroughly enjoyed working with her for the past decade.

Stephanie Watson, Freelancer, Co-founder, and Editor-in-Chief of Fembot Magazine

Alissa is a stellar professional, true expert, and an incredibly thoughtful, compassionate person. She responded to my desperate plea for digital marketing troubleshooting (specifically regarding Facebook Ads). Without a hesitation she helped correct the problems in our strategy and within minutes her edits were pulling in reach, impressions - and most importantly, conversions! I would recommend for anyone to work with her based on her professionalism as well as personality without any hesitation.

Tamar Kuyumjian, Marketing Manager of  Girls in Tech

I am so happy I met Alissa at the time I had no idea how to manage the marketing of my new business. I felt like I had an ocean of options and possibilities, and Alissa was there to work with me and find the exact marketing strategy my business needed. Alissa built everything for my business: the brand, the website, the social media presence, she designed my logo. I highly recommend Alissa especially to all new businesses who need the right person at the right time.

Astrid Mkhitaryan, Founder of Armenian Corner