VVCC - A Country Club in San Dimas

VVCC's digital footprint lacked an easy-to-use website navigation that was nonexistent on mobile. Customers were unable to purchase events or read the latest news from the business' abandoned social media pages. The task at hand was to rebuild the country club's digital reputation, involving a social media strategy to entice new customers and keep current members engaged. 


Website & Graphic design

High-end, mobile-friendly website design catered to user behaviors and graphic design for event promotions. 

Eccomerce Integration

Fully embedded ecommerce portion of the site, with cart recovery, multiple purchases, and more.

Paid Digital Advertising

Chose the best method of paid social and digital advertising with my "secret sauce." 

Social Media Strategy

Built all digital entities and social platforms from the ground up. Refined SEO and created content strategies that aided in developing their brand voice. 

E-mail Subscription List

Created and built out e-mail subscription lists with member and non-member lists.

Restaurant & Event Reservations

Embedded restaurant and event reservations on the site through the channel OpenTable. 

The Results


Generated Revenue

The first month of introducing event ticket purchases, local customers flocked to buying our products on and off mobile with an easy-to-use mobile-friendly version of the website.

Data Analysis for Better Results

By tracking calls and clicks, we were able to implement a system that recognizes what our customers need the most, and where the business was lacking digitally.

Became a Community Hotspot

By interacting with the community online through various platforms, we restored the company's reputation and became known in the community as a hub for golfing, tennis, and more.