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At 22, I crowded with 8 other interns into TMZ mastermind Harvey Levin’s office in what looked like a swanky adult playground with Paris Hilton cutouts and taxidermied deer heads adorning the walls. As we huddled around him, we were given “the Talk.” His lecture changed the entire trajectory of my career. The energy of the newsroom filled me; I was working alongside the industry’s most eager journalists as one of their first social media interns. I delved into the energy, pitching story assignments and analyzing the success of their highly-acclaimed Youtube channel. 

Since that very moment, my passion for media has only grown stronger. I have strategized and developed business models for businesses, created my own online magazine, and raised over $2,000 for UNICEF in a viral post. 

 Online media has linked millions of people in new spaces, and it is vastly changing the way we think and the way we form our communities. I am an expert in engaging and growing online communities. By analyzing what our readers are clicking on through Google Analytics, strategically marketing our posts to align with their beliefs, and contributing to the growing trends on social media, I help businesses reach their highest potential digitally. 

I am a firm believer that consumer-data driven results highly impact the success of online media. In my freelance business, I call myself as a holistic digital marketer. I analyze the entire branding of a client’s company holistically from a consumer’s standpoint, to e-mail marketing, social media, content writing and paid advertising. Every piece of the puzzle is highly instrumental and important to me in my own marketing tactics. I’ve worked in various digital media industries, from e-commerce, to TV, to online magazines, and I’ve perfected my understanding of media and consumer behavior through each unique lens. 

Although my background is heavily in digital marketing, I was also immersed in the media studies department at NYU with a faculty teeming with digital creativity and innovation. I graduated magna cum laude, receiving a Master’s in Media, Culture, and Communications, and I received the award for Outstanding Services to the Department as the media studies’ student President.  

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