Why hire me?


My knack for digital media, media theory, and social media come to the forefront in my work with you.

I am a holistic digital marketer. I strategize, I create, and I implement. I also value communication and love to take on projects that I'm passionate about. 

I currently reside in New York City, creatively working with small businesses. In 2017, I graduated NYU’s Media, Culture, and Communication Master’s program where I received training in theorizing digital media. My emphasis at MCC was digital media technologies, specifically online media and online communities with a 50 page thesis. While at NYU, I had the opportunity to work as a social media manager for a high-end fashion brand. I've worked in PR, digital media, e-commerce, and editorial content. My ideas have gone viral -- and I can't wait to make yours, too.

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Here is my work, career, education timeline!

At 17, I became the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper the Grizzly Gazette. I was the EIC for two years!

At 19, I became the youngest editor ever on my college newspaper, The Highlander. I was pursing a bachelor's degree in English literature at the University of California, Riverside.

At 22, I became a digital media intern for the entertainment show Access Hollywood. I continued in the path of entertainment media by becoming an editorial intern for NBC Los Angeles online. Later that year, I scored TWO internships with TMZ.com as a social media intern and an editorial intern.

I graduated with a double major in honors English Literature and Gender & Sexuality studies at UC Riverside. I have TWO BACHELORS degrees!

I then started my own career services company through Etsy, coaching women on how to create their best resumes.

I later went on to move to New York City for my master's at NYU studying Media, Culture, and Communication.

I became an editorial assistant, and worked full-time at a digital marketing agency, and later on the high-end fashion brand called Etienne Aigner.

I then graduated NYU, receiving high honors and won an award for Outstanding Service to the Media Studies Department for my work as the president of our MA association.

After graduation, I landed a job in digital marketing for a PR company. And then, decided to become an entrepreneur and start my company!

Meanwhile, I am also the co-founder and chief digital officer of the critically-acclaimed magazine Fembot

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